Monday, March 08, 2010

So this is my life.

In response to the email questions I got...

I did get married. My prince Charming did turn up and did sweep me off my feet. So, much to the relief of my mom and other alleged well wishers, I did do the impossible, cross my fingers and jump the broom. I quit my wonderful job, moved to a wonderful country in Europe and life is A-OK.

At first, it all seemed amazing. It’s a picturesque country and has lots for me to do. It’s a bit pricey but I guess that’s true of most places outside Asia.

The man I have married is everything that I could have asked for and then some more. He brings the sunshine into my life. Like Julia Child would say, He's the bread to my butter and the breath to my life...

So, one year and one move later, I am firmly ensconced in Europaplein. I have a really small but lovely set of friends. I have forgotten German but am learning Dutch. Life is good.

Of course, there are issues. Sure, I had to get used to no Daddy making chai and no maids cleaning after me. I miss my mother, my friends and my life in Mumbai. I am, to put in correctly, in between jobs. This is a very small market for English language editors and the recession has left in raw wounds all around. And as wisely predicted by the good husband years ago, the lack of a job is making me drive him – and me, potty. And more importantly, along with my waistline, I am losing my mind.

Time for new plan. After half a lifetime, I need to start again. Because, in many ways, this is a new life.

So I am making a list of NEW things I have figured out about me.

1. I am a LOUSY housekeeper. Once upon a happier time, I was a maniacally clean person. Now, no longer. If the house is dusty, that’s fine by me. That’s one area that needs work...
2. I HATE not working. I used to be a rabid, why-should-I-make-someone-else-rich person but now that I’m not, I MISS working. I miss the chicaca chats, the monthly cheques and random shopping... sigh...
3. I have now become stupid. I haven’t used my brain for the better part of a year and now I seem to be incapable of doing anything that requires a cerebral movement...
4. I have become lazier than sin. It shows too. I am a few kilos heavier and several grey cells lighter.
5. I miss familiarity. So much so, that I read the same books and watches the same movies, just to cling to that element for something familiar. Or it could be laziness and stupidity. Ref 3 and 4.
6. My trichotillomania is coming back with a vengeance. Never a good thing.
7. I have no ability to multitask. I usually mess all of them up.
8. I cannot figure out commas.
9. I might not have a book in me. That’s a suicide inducing thought.
10. I actually like cooking. Relaxes me. (From what, one might ask?)
11. My attention span has now become that of a goldfish.
12. I need to start making commitments and honouring them. Too often, I leave an exit door open.

So, in order to feel somewhat normal again, I am resurrecting my blog. If that works out, I might also start a blog about food where I blog about most of the things I experiment with, eating wise. Let’s see how far that goes.

Wish me luck!


Elwing said...

I can identify with much of your musings on this one. And all cynicism aside, a new beginning is a very real idea, made real just by the fact that every new moment is just that. New.

About having a book in you, I'm sure you have one there, you probably just need to get through more in life to refine to a book you'll be proud of.

Also, you might just get me writing again too. So, thanks.

Usha said...

you are back!!
and you got married!!! :O

:) all the best for the new beginning! :)

കല|kala said...


wish u good luck... :)

Sreejit said...

Wow, I used to visit this place quite often in the past to read more musings about yr trysts with arranged marriage(That sure sounds like Iam a sadist, but no, I was here for the reading part).

Congrats on yr marriage and for you it seems to be a bigger change than jst change of single status.

Enjoy!! and keep the posts coming...


Anonymous said...

wonderful smruts,enjoy reading yr work of art!!

mariam said...

Came across your blog. You write really well. I'm from Pakistan and was absolutely cracked up by your description of arranged marriages. Gone through it myself for almost 3 years...getting married now =).

Would love to read more. Please do write more..

Kapil (worked in web 18, in another team) said...

Hi Smruthy,

Read these thoughts that you had put up here in this blog.
Just thought to myself, familiarity is a strange thing actually. Sometimes we get so fed up with the recurrence of things that monotony drives us crazy. And then, there are these times when you would want to hand on to the scraps of familiarity so desperately as if, there's no tomorrow.
Also about leaving that exit door open, well, I think it's a piscean trait -for a lack of other reasons- maybe. I think I know that feeling too.
Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

You write well