Thursday, August 23, 2007

My happy times and places and things and people...

"Simply put this together as i keep forgetting what they are. Will keep updating this one.

The 3 o clock show at the planetarium
Worli Sea face in the monsoon
Chai and samosas for tea
Paani puri anywhere anytime
The crunch of snow under snow boots
Thick woolen socks on a winter evening
Filter coffee and Upma from Mani
The book beaches””
A full nights sleep
My mother’s humming of classical carnatic tunes.
Windy evenings
Winter mornings
Museums and Art galleries
Movie halls and theatres
I pods and long walks
Sound of Music
Comfortable shoes
A baby laughing
My mates in town
Late night movies
Comfortable silences
A hard days work
The first few days of being in crush
Long night drives
The sound of the surf
Respectful Silences
Impromptu plans
Horror movies with close friends
Freshly cut hair
A fireplace, a book and hot chocolate
Sunday afternoons with friends and F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Retail Therapy
Brushed steel flatware and crockery
Bang and Olufsen sound systems
“Baby’s Day out”with the family
Kareoke evenings at Jazz
New bottles of perfume.
Unexpected phone calls.
Prawns, Mussels and Neer Dosas with a friend. you know who you are.
Good days at work
Post It nosts in different colours
Old Showtunes
Working to music in the late evenings
Animated Movies'

Sol Kadi
Aam panna
Iced Tea
Subway's Italian BMT salad
Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"and Googoo Doll's ""Ïris""


cuquetafera said...

Hi, somehow I found your blog and I'm a new fan of you !


Garima Narera said...

Thats dreamy...You remind me of how I was a decade back....
And surprisingly lots of things are common in our backgrounds .. I am from a conservative north indian brahmin family..Masters in English Literature..have done a Diploma in German...and yeah I enjoy long walks, beaches, all good movies, learning languages and food and last but not the least my Family..

I live im bombay but reading this piece fell in love with it all over again...And ya motherhood is bountiful...Thanks for your comments...

Nitin said...

can i seriously have the pleasure of knowing u better?? i hav read a lot of ur articles, u AMAZE me !
iris is the icing

Lakshmi said...

Hi Smruthy, Iam an old fan of urs and fortunately was ur trainee too..:)(GE Money servicing, 2006)
U are an amazing mentor, writer, graphologist, observer and much more..